Therms and Conditions


Once finalized the purchase there will be NO REFUNDS.

If you receive defective or damaged merchandise, we will change it as soon as we get the return of the defective or damaged merchandise, following the instructions sent to the country of origin and our account indicated. The first step is to report to the carrier (DHL) and then Sergio Bustamante Gallery to 01 800 024 2727 IN MEXICO or +52 (33) 36 39 55 19 INTERNATIONALLY

In case of any changes the customer will be charged costs including customs charges for this item to enter the country of origin and the destination country.


It is important to have complete data for the receipt of the purchase. The currier has 2 delivery attempts so a phone number and email will be important for localization.

When the shipping data is incomplete the currier will return the merchandise to origin and if the client requests a next forwarding destination customs taxes and expenses borne by the customer.

Charging for SHIPPING AND INSURANCE concept of the destination country shall be borne by the customer, including costs of exporting to the port or airport on arrival, that is, until customs, the expenses incurred to the home or taxes when entering the destination country NO INCLUDED.

The jewelry will be sent 3 working days after the payment made. The sculpture will be sent 5 working days after payment.


Please Clic Here to download the Mexican Federal Anti-Laundering Law (Only in Spanish).


May be bank transfer, credit card by phone, for which complete data are needed from the client and authorization for the credit card charge.
Price:  $202.50$270.00
925 Sterling Silver & 22 k Gold Plat...